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Letters Page

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2011-12-08  Garforth Cliff Development

Hello there, regarding the development of Garforth Cliff, we, as nearby residents, have been sent the plans of the 68 homes to be built!!! We have been asked to provide new letters about our views but they seem to ignore our concerns!!! Police are still investigating a bad accident where the air ambulance had to land 3 weeks ago at the very spot where the new entrance to the development is going to be!!! Selby road was shut all afternoon!!! What’s the matter with these people? Has anybody thought about how the builders are going to access this sight with massive machines and building materials to start with? 45 years ago Wimpy homes refused to build on this sight because it was unstable due to long gone mine workings etc. Garforth has a serious flood problem. The drains cannot cope now with the volume of housing in the area, 68 more homes on this hill will cause massive overload of the sewage system local people should have this brought to their attention. If you need to see the plans please contact me. Thanks. allen.sheila@mypostoffice.co.uk     

2011-11-01  Garforth Cliff Development

Hi there my name is Allen Wynne Hughes , i wrote to you regarding the development of the field under the water tower known to many as Garforth Cliff( 70 homes). In my letter one of my main points about this development was the safety of traffic using the A63 Selby road and the fact that the access to the site is half way up the hill opposite two houses( i think are Hillcrest House ) my worry is that the road on this hill is so narrow the traffic including large lorries and hundreds of bikers going to Squires near Sherburn fly up and down this hill. How many people are going to be killed or injured pulling in and out here!! We have just seen another near fatality accident( a biker) outside Saville bros only last week !!They put traffic lights at the junction of the A63/Lidget lane because people were killed—Last one a boy on a scooter . They are proposing to put traffic lights at the junction A63/Kippax turn and we have had numerous accidents at the Crusader junction , A/63 Ninelands now we are going to have another junction 200 yards further up!!! The council plan on moving the now national speed limit half way up the hill to just passed Saville bros but this won’t work as it is completely ignored now !!!! i think you will be reporting on many more accidents in the future. Allen Wynne Hughes     

2011-10-14  RE Garforth Cliffe Developement

Hi there i would like to bring to the attention of a wider audience the fact that developers are again planning to build 70 houses on the field under the water tower known to many as Garforth Cliffe. This landmark field as well as looking great the way it is at present has brought joy to thousands of Garfonian kids growing up using it as the sledging hill in the winter months ( alas not for much longer!!) The fact that a further 70 homes being built in this area is going to have a tremendous impact locally both in increased traffic (the entrance to this development is going to be off the A63 Selby Road half way up the hill –just wait for all the accidents!!) Also a fact not a lot of people know is that Garforth has a flood problem during heavy rain large amounts of Garforth flood!!! Areas like ninelands lane old George roundabout and many parts west of the main street have problems –Hence Garforth has a flood group not known to many. This hill has been known as a landmark to many as long as –well forever and it is so sad that it is about to be lost . We all know we need more housing but it is sad that we are loosing green fields like this just so a developer can make a fast buck. Please support the appeal to stop this!! Once its gone its gone. Allen Garforth    

2010-02-02  Subject: looking for help

Hello from Spain. You are going to be surprised for this message but here it is. In 1988 I was in Garforth in an exchange programme with a girl from the town. Her family lived in 61, Selby Road. I have tried to contact her many times but I lost the number. Her name was Anne Louise Lawrence, her mother was Jacqueline Lawrence, her father was Richard and I she had a sister, I remembered, called Emma. I don't know if you can help me somehow. I have searched on the Internet and I haven't found anything at all. Juanma Campos poetasandaluces@gmail.com    

2008-06-15  Makins Farm

Dear sir, Whilst I have some sympathy towards your editorial comment regarding dirty tricks at Makins farm. I do not feel that this tells the whole story and it over simplifies the situation. Four years is more than long enough for the situation to have been resolved. The fact that it is still ongoing is partly the fault of Mr. Makins intransigence, and partly the fault of a paper tiger planning department. In the meantime residents have what amounts to a holiday camp for teenagers on their doorsteps. And I have to say it is a holiday camp that grows bigger every year. The fact that young people the world over can be expected to make some noise when they are on holiday is irrelevant. None of the residents bought their houses in the knowledge that it backed onto a holiday camp, and to have one imposed on them in this way is totally unacceptable. Brian Bell, Bolsover Close , Garforth     

2007-09-10  Brecks farm smell from hell !

Hi, Kippax residents recently received letters informing us that Brecks farm is to receive a permit from the environment agency allowing emissions to pollute the environment of Swillington, Garforth and Kippax affecting around 30,000 homes. The last few years have been very difficult for residents in these communities as they are unable to sit outside in their gardens and have to ensure their windows are shut most of the time. The foul smell of excrement is now virtually on a daily basis and the farmer will not cover and line his slurry pits. The Environment agency does have the power to enforce this but it is now likely to be yet another year of misery as they have to give him six months to comply. Are there any local community or pressure groups that we can join. We need to have a united front from all three communities if we are to have any impact on the decisions of the environment agency in this matter. Yours Sincerely, Janet Silverwood 9 Elm Avenue, Kippax, Leeds LS25 7DH     

2007-09-01  TRAFFIC LIGHTS

I would like to hear your comments on the continued delay in getting the new traffic lights at Selby Road/Lidgett Lane junction working. Turning right into Lidgett Lane is very hazardous as you have to cross the path of the traffic waiting to turn left out of Lidgett Lane. I have already seen a number of small accidents on the site and it is only a matter of time before somebody is seriously injured. The current situation is worse than it was prior to the lights been fitted, and I hope the Council will quickly switch on the lights and not delay for the right photo opportunity!!Jonathan Fallas    

2006-01-15  Garforth RUFC

Just a quick note to give you an update on the successful season of Garforth RUFC. We have won promotion from Yorkshire 5 to Yorkshire 4 which is the 10th level of Rugby in England after victory in the Yorkshire 5 play-off last month this follows a successful league campaign which saw us finish in 2nd place behind Burley RUFC. Full match report is on our web-site www.garforthrufc.org.uk Promotion this year is our first since 1993/94 season when the club won the old Yorkshire 6 division, however in 1997 and again in 2004 the league was restructured by the RFU and we were effectively relegated to Yorkshire 5. Although we have consistently finished in the top half of the table since 2004 we have struggled to finish in a promotion or play off spot. This season under our new Coach Andy Daw (who is also an ex-captain of the club) we have been consistent in our play and inflicted the only defeat of the season on run away league leaders Burley in March. As well as winning promotion the club reached the Quarter Final of the Yorkshire Silver Trophy (before been forced to withdraw due to fixture congestion)Â and the 2nd Team Squad won the Yorkshire 5 Merit Table which is the league for clubs 2nd teams The club is still looking for new players for Competitive league rugby or social rugby, and we are also looking for new sponsors for the 2007/08 season including people who wish to advertise in the regular match day programmes. Also keep an eye open for the Garforth RUFC 2008 Club Calendar which will be back by popular demand after our 2006 calendar. Jon Fallas Garforth RUFC Team Manager 07974 833516 0113 2872262 www.garforthrufc.org.uk     

2006-01-12  ref Makins caravans

Whoever writes the editorial talks a lot of sense to me .Unfortunately the person is not aware that Makins have proposed on several occasions a new site for the caravans near the farm but LCC planning will not allow permission for the drainage to be installed leaving Makins with no alternative but to use the old site that now has planning permission. I would be more than happy to sit around a table with everyone concerned and sort out this problem. On the railway issue I would be happy to discuss moving the Station onto my farmland Chris Makin     

2006-01-11  Former Barleyhill Infants

I just wondered if there was any news on the former site of Barleyhill Infants school site in Garforth, whether it has been bought, who by and what the proposed residential buildings will be Many thanks if you can help Rachel     

2006-01-10  Regeneration Plans for Kippax

The proposals to improve Kippax centre are in general very good. I just wonder how much of this is going to become a paper exercise, and not turn into reality. One thing that needs to be addressed is the need for more parking spaces. If the continued parking on High Street continues, there is a stong possibility that someone will be badly injured (or dead). The idea of setting an area in the village centre for a market, and better shopping is a very good one. Residents will no longer need to travel to either Castleford or Garforth for many of their shopping requirements. Paul S Smith     

2006-01-09  Bus to Lotherton Hall

How wonderful that a bus has been provided to Lotherton Hall, one of our brilliant local heritages. But, what a shame it does not pick up in Kippax. I'm sure lots would take advantage of it. Christine Illingworth     

2006-01-07  I am utterly disgusted with the education authority - A supporting comment

I have a lot of sympathy for Wendy Dimsdale and her plight with the education authority. I had similar problems with the Education Authority but my local MP intervened and encouraged Education: Leeds to speed up the appeals process. To my way of thinking Education:Leeds uses the appeals process to manage child placement rather than just getting it right in the first instance. My advice, Wendy, is to start making “quality of life’ arguments and remind the education authority that their actions are “discriminating against your children’ and finally start complaining to OFSTED and the Audit Commission and get you local MPs involved. Education: Leeds? Education: Bone Idol is more like it. Malcolm Gardner, Garforth     

2006-01-05  I am utterly disgusted with the education authority - An Update

The situation now stands that after some major deliberation my husband and my self accepted the offer of schooling at John Smeaton college as we felt our girls education was at serious risk if we continued to wait for an appeal.The school were contacted several times by the admissions team ( who may i add have been outstanding in their help to us).The school failed to acknowledge the request until 3 days after being contacted only to inform us it would take another week for an appointment to see them let alone establish a start date( which was increasingly looking like after half term).On Wednesday this week Tom Murray rang me to ask of my situation.During this discussion we decided to not accept John Smeaton and continue with our request for a local school.A short conversation with the admissions team has confirmed this and we now await news on an appeal date.I am still very dismayed and still think that during this process my girls should be receiving some sort of tutoring whether it be at home or elsewhere they have now missed their third week of school. Thanks for your interest Wendy Dimsdale     

2006-01-04  Garforth & Swillington residents survey

Dear Resident Volunteers delivered the survey to almost 7000 households throughout the area and I have received an overwhelming response. It is often the case that politicians and community leaders tell people what their views ought to be. In my opinion it should be the other way around. People should tell politicians and community leaders what they want and the politicians and community leaders then should act. After all, that is why they are elected and that is what this exercise has been all about. There is no magic wand and things will not change overnight. But, on your behalf, I will use the results of this survey as a tool to lobby and put pressure on those people who have the power to make positive changes to our community. I have already passed on many of your comments to your Conservative Councillor Mark Phillips who is always actively lobbying on your behalf to get things done. The results of the survey were very clear. People want: • hedges kept neat and tidy • a proper police presence • roads repaired • decent facilities for young people • an end to the counter productive and sometimes outright dangerous traffic calming measures imposed on us by the previous administration • proper parking facilities at our train stations • action to ensure local businesses behave responsibly • guarantees that developments will be in keeping with the character of the area Some would say this seems like a pretty big wish list. I think not. Considering the amount of tax we pay, I believe this is the least we should expect. Over the coming weeks and months we will begin to publish positive and constructive ways of tackling these issues. We will also meet with those who can do something about making our lives better. Please keep in touch with any ideas or suggestions you may have. Your views matter and should be properly represented to those who spend your money on your behalf. For too long, Garforth, Swillington & Great & Little Preston residents     

2006-01-03  I am utterly disgusted with the education authority

After moving to this lovely village of Swillington last month, i am utterly disgusted with the education authority. I have three children of school age one of which is currently in her GCSE studies. Only one of my children has been given a school placement. My two senior school children have been told after a 2 week wait that it will be another 4-6 weeks for an appeal to be heard to whether they can attend a local school. May i ask how this is justified as that is far too long for ant child to be away from school. Especially when such important exams are at stake. If i were to voluntarily keep my children off school for this length of time the education department would prosecute me. Do i see double standards? Is there anybody out there can help me? I`ve reached a complete brick wall my husband pays his taxes we are entitled an education for our children. Wendy Dimsdale, Swillington     

2006-01-02  Marginal Seat

If the Prison Service has Crown Immunity then there doesn’t seem to be much the Council can do to stop them. Our only hope would appear to be local MP Colin Burgon. I believe he has done a reasonable job for this constituency and I have voted for him in the past but if the Labour Government intends to build a prison near my home then I will not be voting for them again. I suggest Mr Burgon reminds the Home Secretary that Elmet is a marginal seat. I would regard the postponement of an announcement till after the General Election as a yes vote for the prison. Tony Johnson, Garforth     

2006-01-01  Local Councillors

I wrote to Councillors Tom Murray and Mark Phillips about the lack of car parking spaces at East Garforth station. Neither bothered to respond. I used the email addresses on your site. Are they correct? C Coyle Garforth Editor : - We obtained the email addresses from the Leeds City council website and therefore assume they are correct. Perhaps they don’t read their emails      

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